Sunday, September 1, 2013

Good Behavior

I have been overwhelmed with Madeley's behavior lately. I don't know if it's a phase or starting back to school, but she has been OUT OF CONTROL. She cries/whines constantly and I have not been successful at handling her. I've been going to bed every night feeling defeated and sad because I couldn't enjoy my time with her. She cried at dinnertime, she cried at bathtime, she cried when it was time to brush her teeth, and she cried at bedtime. It was constant. I had no patience and punishments just made her cry more. Defeated doesn't even describe how I felt. I finally decided that I was ready to build good behavior habits. I wanted her to be invested in her behavior... to have a reason to be good. So I talked with Derrick and we decided to try a sticker chart. Madeley has always played with stickers, so I thought they may not feel "special" to her. But once I told her about my idea, she was more than excited!!
I got all the supplies and made sure I put in the effort to make it cute. She helped some and made a few of her own posters while I was working. Here's the final product. Can you tell she's excited?

We are now on day two and I cannot even explain the difference in her behavior, as well as her eating habits. She has been so anxious to do things she otherwise would have cried over. She eats all the food on her plate and just about begs to brush her teeth. She cried for just a minute before her shower this morning, but once I reminded her that she could get a sticker, her behavior immediately changed. I know this may not work forever, but it's definitely working now. And I'm enjoying every second with her instead of wanting to cry with her.

When she fills a row, she'll get a small prize. Then when she fills the entire poster, she gets to pick out a toy. To be honest though, she doesn't focus on the prizes, she's excited about every little sticker. I love it!! And her.

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