about me

I find that my favorite times of the day are getting in my snuggly bed at night and then having flavorful coffee in the morning. What about all the stuff in between the coffee and the bed? Shouldn't that stuff be my favorite? Maybe so, or maybe the simple things are what I'm thriving on right now. Like when my daughter pushes the button on her toy correctly and the animal pops up... Happiness!! She's happy about it too because she knows she's accomplished something. I hope she always takes pride in her accomplishments from childhood to adulthood. My husband is an avid hunter and absence makes the heart grow fonder. I am glad when he walks in the door from a long hunting trip... even though he smells! He can make me laugh like no one else, so his company just makes my heart soft. I am school teacher as well, battling the teens of America! I struggle everyday with high expectations versus behavior management. They don't want to do anything and I want them to learn everything. Somedays they hate me, somedays they love me. Such is life as a teacher!!
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