Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Madeley had an amazing time tonight. If Halloween means suckers, I'm pretty sure it's her favorite day thus far. We shouldn't have had cupcakes at her birthday party, we should have had suckers. She ate one after another tonight. Derrick called her a chain sucker. Ha ha!

Anyhow, Madeley was dressed as a butterfly this year. She was the cutest butterfly I've ever seen!

We went to Trunk or Treat at the church and on the way, Madeley started looking for a sucker.

I think there may be a sucker in here...

I hope there is...

Can't stop me now!!

Here's her wonderful smile...

Toward the end of the night, she got very good at holding out that bucket and saying whatever was necessary to get more candy. It was just precious!! By 9:45, she was more than willing to go to bed.

Here's a short video from right before we went out:

YouTube Video

Happy Halloween!!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fun time

I can already tell that 2 is going to be a great age with Madeley, and the "terrible" part just seldomly creeps in. She is lots of fun with lots of attitude! I saw her cross her arms after getting on to Joe tonight, she later pointed her finger at me and said NO, and she sings a song with more feeling than I've ever seen. She is such a mess! I think we may have spoiled her...

I have taken a few pictures over the weekend. She is starting to get tired of me trying to catch the best moments, so she's started running from the camera.

Big coat! This is her in the process of falling over. It may just be funny to me because I saw it happen.

We went swinging in the woods.

Sad face...

Coloring Halloween pictures...

So as you can see, she is just as fun as ever!


Thursday was the absolute best day I've had at my job all year. The majority of my students worked hard, learned a lot, and were very proud of themselves. I was more than proud of them! It was like seeing hard work pay off. Friday was a great day as well. I feel like now that I have seen what these kids can do, my expectations are higher than ever!! I'll let you know how this week goes!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Loves

I'm ready to share what I'm loving!

First, we have to praise the Lord because my mother-in-law got wonderful news today... She doesn't have to do anymore chemo or radiation because her cancer has shrunk to nothing. She will receive some maintenance treatments once a week to ensure healing and will also continue to get scans every three months. But all in all, she is on her way to being MUCH better. We are elated!

The classroom has become the most negative territory in my life. My students really need some inspiration. So, I'm loving these items from etsy...

I may just print the pictures and frame them!!!

I'm also loving this cartoon... it's a hit in the teacher's lounge! It's called No Animal Left Behind.

I'm loving fall. Madeley and I took some pictures at one of Dad's neighbor's house last night. She was just precious!

Scared of the skeleton...

Here she is coloring outside tonight...

I'm just loving my family. Derrick and Madeley make me so happy!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Such a mess!

My child is such a mess. We were at my Dad's for a while tonight, so I decided to go ahead and bathe her. I got the water running and left Dad's bathroom to go to the other bathroom for shampoo. Along the way, I passed Madeley in the kitchen. I said, "Are you about ready for a bath?"
I got to the bathroom, got soap, and headed back to Dad's bathroom. Madeley was no longer in the kitchen, so I kept walking. I got to Dad's bathroom and found this...

I guess she was more ready for a bath than I thought. And yes, she's wearing socks, shoes, pants, a shirt, and a diaper. Nice.

Jessica and Dad both said, "I really wish you wouldn't leave her unattended like that."
My response... "I LEFT HER IN THE KITCHEN!! Not in a tub of water with her clothes on!" she just took the initiative to go ahead and take that bath. Here's a little video...

YouTube Video

She's a doll!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Madeley's Party!

Madeley's apple party was a success! I would not have changed a thing... except I wish I could have visited with each guest a little more. But that comes with being a hostess, you can't be everywhere at once.

Madeley seemed to have a wonderful time. We had apple cupcakes and an amazing apple bunt cake.

Apple sauce pouches, apple slices, apple juice...

(that's my finger, I'm an expert photographer)

The weather was wonderful!

So I'm just going to go crazy with the pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

The kids enjoyed playing in the bouncy house.

Everyone took turns feeding Precious carrots and apple slices. She probably thought it was her birthday party!

My friend Kelly's adorable kids... Baxley, Sawyer, and Sam. Seeing this picture made me wish I have taken pictures of all the children. I'll have to make sure I do that next year, or at least assign photo duties to an unsuspecting guest. Ha ha!

Just a couple more pictures...

Sweet birthday girl!

Thanks to all my friends and family that helped and came to the party. We love you!

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